2018 Sessions – begin Feb 6th @ 7pm

You have probably read the newsletter and are familiar with the new format for the Distance Collective. It is our hope that you’ll see the value in tracking your form over the course of the 3 – 12 week sessions. We will be providing a unique window into how you run and by reviewing the data over time we’ll hopefully see an improvement in your running efficiency. This will not be quite the same as what we have done for the last 6 years but change is good and we hope you’ll join us. Details below and sign up info are located HERE.

New for this 2018 season is the addition of personalized coaching via the MileStone Pod. The Milestone Pod attaches to your shoe and downloads your running metrics to your mobile device. Milestone then emails that data to Coach Dave for analysis. The year will be broken into 3 three month sessions beginning in February with the Endurance Session, May will bring the Speed Session and September will be the start of the Strength Session. You can sign up for all 3 or just one. You will be given the use of a MileStone Pod for the session to track your Collective workouts but also appropriate other workouts during the period. Each Collective member will be given a monthly report card and suggestions based on the data and observations of Coach Dave. Simply return the pod after the Session is complete in 3 months. You may choose to purchase a Milestone Pod to keep improving your form on your own.

The Distance Collective is a recreational running club focused on helping runners achieve their goals. The focus of the club is to provide a group of like minded people the chance to improve their formstrength and speed. All types of runners are welcome to join and participate in club activities. The Distance Collective is proudly supported by Distance Runwear…Vancouver and North Vancouver’s best option for functional run apparel, footwear, nutrition and hydration.

If you can run for 30 minutes at any pace you can join this group. We are a fun bunch, but we work hard to meet our goals. Our workouts include track intervals, track drills, form work and tempo runs. All runs start with an easy warm up where the whole group stays together. Drills are also preformed together. The workouts are done in such a way that different levels can work together and nobody gets left behind.

  • 12 Focused Workouts per Session
  • 3 Form Report Cards including Final Form Review
  • Coaching by an Athletics Canada Certified Road Running Instructor
  • 20% “one time” discount on a pair of shoes from Distance Runwear*

*regular priced product


Nov 28 – Final Fall Session & Social

Ok crew we have one session left before our winter break. Please plan to join us for a fun  Coaches Handicapped 5k and social outing to Eastside Crafthouse.

Be prepared for a 5k run and bring warm dry clothes for afterwards.

See you at 7pm at the track!